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October 14, 2011

Hot Legs, Too: The Best Damn Customer Service Blogs & Websites.

Quality Content. Class. "Legs". Solid relationships with customers, clients and buyers are every business's real assets. Great customers are always up for grabs--and they're worth safeguarding 24/7. You do great work for them; they stay.

White collar dweeb-speak calls this a "win-win". We call it "Working". And it's an honor.

You want to make it through good and bad times? Below are blogs, sites and other resources which either are dedicated to or regularly feature useful models, ideas, best practices and tips on effective customer service. Or they talk and write about service like they really do get it--and deeply care about customers, clients and buyers. These sites have endured, too. They have Big Legs.

We owe much to each one of these, many of which were already established when WAC/WAP? started six years ago. Again, we use the term "customer service" broadly here. Certainly we've left out--out of ignorance or inadvertently--some fine sites. So let us know which ones they are.

Since our last update of November 30, 2010 we've added only two sites. Both are by relatively new lawyers: Keith Lee and Eric L. Mayer. Each has a big appetite and matching instinct for the hard Art of the Client:

  • The Unwashed Advocate, Eric L. Mayer
  • Associate's Mind, Keith Lee
  • Are You Reading These Posts?, Lance Godard
  • CBA Practice Link, Canadian Bar Association
  • In Search of Perfect Client Service, Patrick Lamb
  • Minor Wisdom, Ray Ward, New Orleans
  • the (new) legal writer, Ray Ward
  • Simple Justice, Scott H. ("Redford") Greenfield
  • Human Mediation Law, Justin Patten
  • Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog
  • The Legal Marketing Blog, Tom Kane
  • Law21, Jordan Furlong
  • Legal OnRamp, Paul Lippe
  • More Partner Income, LexisNexis (founded by Tom Collins)
  • Charon QC
  • The Client Revolution, Jay Shepherd
  • Gruntled Employees, Jay Shepherd
  • Golden Practices, Michelle Golden
  • The Adventure of Strategy, Rob Millard
  • Real Lawyers Have Blogs, Kevin O'Keefe
  • The Greatest American Lawyer
  • My Shingle, Carolyn Elefant
  • Infamy or Praise, Colin Samuels
  • Leadership for Lawyers, Mark Beese
  • Legal Business Development, James Hassett
  • Legal Ease Blog, Allison Shields
  • Defending People, Mark Bennett
  • Howling Point, Chuck Hartley, with Pongo and Diego the Dogs
  • Life at the Bar, Julie Fleming Brown
  • Management Craft, Lisa Haneberg
  • May It Please The Court, J. Craig Williams
  • the [non]billable hour, Matt Homann
  • LawMarketing Blog, Larry Bodine
  • Why Clients Buy, Patrick McEvoy
  • Robert Ambrogi‚Äôs Lawsites
  • Gladwell.com, Malcolm Gladwell
  • Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices, Gerry Riskin
  • How to Change the World, Guy Kawasaki
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