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October 07, 2009

Your Antler Dance: Real life, Real Courage, Ray Ward.

Got something holistic, holy and global for you right here. WAC? is about happy corporate clients--and how hard it is to get client service right. It's also about happy lawyers, a prerequisite to great service: family, friends, rest, food, exercise, health, and renewal. And a spiritual life, even if it's a druid-like Antler Dance you and Nadine made up on your own after being over-served one spotty evening at Kelly's Irish Times on F Street, NW. Something eternal, infinite. You need it all, all right, and rightly mixed.

But WAC?, the "blog", has serious limitations. Note re: "blogs"...we're still getting used to the overly-effeminate new age low-testosterone (unless anonymous--then it's way manly) digital neighborhood and the goofy glossaries. "Blogs". Arguably no one with a real job has time to read "blogs". Like, dude, "blogs", who cares?

Anyway, Real Life, which happens to us and those we love, is cruelly shortchanged by this "blog". Most "blogs" don't tell you how to live. We fall short there, too. Consider the lawyers, generic dweebs, wuss-breeds, Weenies, the law cattle who should just moo-out and leave the profession (so they can work in quiet bookstores, and be better metro-sexuals), white-collar slaves, other peasants-by-choice, Gen-Y Looters, and even the next lowest-of-the-low--spineless no-name bloggers and commenters sans Club Ned exceptions--WAC? makes fun of and would like to liberate from bondage.

All these unfortunates need the restorative powers of a wise universe. And WAC? needs it, too. A lot.

So if we were going to read just one overall blog to meet all our life-and-lawyer needs, it would be Ray Ward's Minor Wisdom, a blog which first grabbed us by the lapels 4 years ago.

It is what a blog should be: brave, personal, well-written and damn interesting. A gifted and well-rounded human and lawyer, perhaps put here on Earth to make up for some of the rest of us, Ray writes on everything from excellence in lawyering, writing and appellate advocacy to Christian mystics, politics, music (well, real music), Darfur, Chad, human rights, and human rites. Ray knows we are all just here for a cup of coffee--so make the best of it, and help others whether you are rich or not. He has a sense of humour. He never moralizes. He's curious. And fear seems truly to have been replaced by faith. You ready for that? Would it help you? We know it would.


Ray Ward
, The main Rain Man

Posted by JD Hull at October 7, 2009 04:11 PM


Thanks again, Dan. And may I compliment you on your timing.

Posted by: Ray Ward at October 6, 2009 08:57 PM

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