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December 15, 2011

Russia: More Moxie in The Motherland.

Is the era of the cowed comrade about to end? With a population of over 140 million people, a land mass of 6.5 million square miles and enviable natural resources (including oil and gas) that are important to Europe, the Russian Federation, as a nation-state alone, will continue to occupy a huge role in global economics and politics over the next few decades. But recently (see our recent posts here and here) we've seen what might be the first stirrings in a new consciousness--a sea change in the way Russians feel, think and act--in the ideologically mercurial, troubled Mother Russia of the last 100 years. See by Charles Clover in the Financial Times "Russia’s Middle Class Finds Its Feet".

170px-Zuguomuqin (1).jpg
Mother Russia calls for More Attitude.

Posted by JD Hull at December 15, 2011 10:35 PM


Amazing people - the Irish of the East, indeed :-). (Apropos of the latter, an adaptation of Gogol's "The Government Inspector" into Hiberno-English by Roddy Doyle - he of "The Committments" etc - is currently running at Dublin's Abbey Theatre).

A puzzle, though: the population is falling quickly (or so I am told) and with a burgeoning southern neighbour, I see trouble ahead.

Posted by: FERGUS O'ROURKE at January 12, 2012 02:58 AM

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